Are You Worried about Your Child’s Speech?

Bridget Hillsberg
January 20, 2022

As pediatric therapists, we are often preaching about milestones and numbers and developmental markers, but it's important to take a step back from all that . . .As MOMS, we know one thing for sure: Our children's capabilities are not measured by their milestones. Before you dive into the Communication Milestone Checklist, let’s have a little chat about language. Your understanding of the basics will help you to approach this checklist with confidence and discernment. (For a more thorough understanding of language development, we’d love to equip you, using proven strategies, to help YOUR child meet their communication milestones through our online courses.)

As parents, we want the best for our kids. We compare and we worry, often because we’re not sure what to expect. What’s appropriate for this age? Well, rest assured, Speech Sisters are here to help!

3 Steps to Ease Anxiety and Stop Worrying:

1. Learn about receptive language: Think of language in terms of input and output. Language that we take in, or hear, is called receptive language. Receptive language is the ability to understand information. It is the act of comprehending language.

2. Learn about expressive language: Language that we give out, or speak, is called expressive language. Expressive language is the ability to communicate your wants and needs. It is the act of communicating thoughts and ideas to others.

3. Repeat with your child! Repetition is so important! When you repeat, they remember!!

Use the Communication Milestone Checklist to see if your child is meeting receptive and expressive milestones for their age group. If they're meeting all of them, you can move on to the next age group.

Download the Checklist here.

milestone checklist

Not as many checks as you’d like?

Take a deep breath! We’ve got you covered.

Our two online courses use evidence-based, practical strategies to help your child meet their communication milestones.

We believe YOU are the best person to get your child talking. After all, you’re with them the most, right?!

Click here to find a course, use the strategies as a part of your everyday routines, and get your child meeting their milestones.

Bridget Hillsberg
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