Tiny Articulators

The Articulation Course

An online course for parents of children 18 months and up

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Understanding your child's every word matters.

Learn our simple 3 step approach

Stimulate sounds in a natural way

Understand your child’s wants and needs

Get your child speaking clearly & consistently

Most parents want to hear their child speaking clearly and consistently, but aren't sure where to start. We created Tiny Articulators to give you the tools to build articulation practice into daily life so you can help your child in your own home.

This course will give you the tools to help your child speak more clearly and consistently by learning our evidence-based 3 step, naturalist approach. We believe parents hold the power to their child's speech development. We're here to help.

You can get your child speaking clearly & consistently

Get an overview of articulation, speech sound development, & phonological processes

Learn how to determine and target specific sounds/error patterns to work on

Get the framework for helping your child imitate and effectively learn sounds in words

Learn early "first word" shapes you can teach your child

You can be the confident parent of a talkative child.

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When my son was about 18 months old, I realized he wasn’t saying as many words as his older sisters did at his age. My sister in law told me about Speech Sisters while I waited for my son’s evaluation. Thanks to them I got a head start on teaching him words and actions. Turns out he needed tubes put in his ears and was a little speech delayed because of not hearing well for so long. Because of speech sisters I was able to get ahead and got him graduated from speech therapy within 6 months. I was also praised for how much I had learned from the course I took! Thank you Speech sisters!


March 23, 2023

I have a family history of “late talkers”, so when my son was born, I really wanted to make sure I was on top of his development! The Speech Sisters have been amazing. I feel so much more confident having them in my corner as I raise my first son. Everything is so new to me, and everything is so unknown! But thanks to the Speech Sisters, every time I have a question, they’ve already answered it! Their information is clear, concise, and I love the fun ways they teach language skills to kids. Their ideas are one-of-a-kind and I love implementing them in our lives.  No one else like them! Thank you!


March 22, 2023

I started following on Instagram about a year ago. The videos were informative and taught me how to help with my daughter’s speech. Also, the blogs on their website offer support in more detail. Very thankful for their help! 


March 14, 2023

Started to follow on Instagram A year ago. Was so helpful to know about the language development and theories about it. And I was happy to know how to encourage them to speak in English. (I am a korean and I am trying to raise my kid as a bilingual)


April 3, 2023

I purchased the Talk on Track course when my son was a newborn and started implementing strategies right away. He has been such an early talker! Had hundreds of words by 15 months and was speaking in 2-3 word sentences by 17months. Now at almost 21 months old, he has full conversations and is able to verbalize ideas of his own. People often comment on how communicative he is. I've been really thankful to the SpeechSisters for setting our family up well to support him on his speech-learning journey. It's been a joy to watch him bloom.


December 7, 2022

Hello, My son was a new born when I started implementing speech sisters strategies. This content has helped me incredibly with my son, since day one. The little snaps and videos on social media, the guides online, it has been just amazing. Little things can go a long way, and it’s been proven with all the great learning techniques. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and for being so kind and personal. 


March 2, 2023

At 2 years old my daughter wasn't speaking much. I knew she would eventually start talking more, but The Speech Sister's program was a game changer! By following their program, I learned how to effectively communicate to my daughter in a way that she could understand.  Now with 2 more children, this has been a blessing! My husband and I have been able to incorporate what we learned for our younger children and they have been able to talk much sooner.  Our youngest son begin saying words at 10 months old!! Seriously couldn't believe it! If I could give The Speech Sister's program 10 stars I would!


December 30, 2022

My older son was speech delayed at 2 years old and we ended up needing six months of speech therapy.  Doing the speech sisters course right before we started speech therapy really helped our progress in speech therapy (as I could reinforce at home really well) and understanding what was going on in the speech therapy process. In fact, it made it so much less scary!  Also, I did the infant course when my second son was born and he is an early talker! Go figure! He says 3 words sentences at 18 months old and has a huge vocabulary.  I believe the courses really  helped me foster speech for my kids! Having a child that is speech delayed even slightly can really be scary.  I recommend the speech sisters to all my friends as they really educate you and give you the tools to help your child.  They also do so in a positive and wonderful tone, which is so great to be put at easy because having a child that is speech delayed can be scary!


December 8, 2022

My name is Patrick and our son was 15 mo when we felt like we could use some help getting him talking. Within a month of purchasing SS we saw great improvements and now at almost 2 years old he is a talking machine when he’s not being shy. They really taught us how to implement and use simple strategies that work and we can’t thank or recommend them enough.


March 21, 2023

I followed your techniques closely eg. how to get your child to say their name or the word “up” and building on that I must say I found it easy to help her speak more words within a few months. Highly recommend your tips and guidelines 💯


March 21, 2023

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