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You are the best person to get your child talking!

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You don’t have to guess when it comes to helping your child communicate. We want you to know that what you’re doing is working… and what to do next. Our evidence-based courses are designed to:

  • Increase your child's vocabulary
  • Reduce tantrums and meltdowns
  • Help your child meet communication milestones

Meet Brooke and Bridget

With more than 25 years of combined experience, we’ve diagnosed and treated thousands of children with a variety of communication disorders and delays. We have supported over 640K families through our Instagram community and have coached over 25,000 families through our online courses.

We are excited to teach you simple, evidence-based strategies that you can easily incorporate into your daily grind.

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If your child is having trouble communicating, let us be your first line of defense.

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We are moms of a combined 5 children, Speech & Language Therapists, Founders of Speech Sisters, a community of 600K+. All of our content is evidence-based.

“Your course is life changing. I’m going to make a list but at almost 14mo, she had more words than her almost 2yo cousin.”

Sarah L.

The most effective way to get your child talking is for you to get involved.

  • Use everyday routines to build your child's language
  • Implement our simple, proven tips and tricks
  • Get your child communicating their wants and needs

You can be the confident parent of a talkative child.

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It is proven that early language skills can lead to improved cognitive, social, and academic success.

We get it. We're busy parents too. That's why we keep it simple.
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You might be wondering...

Does my child need speech therapy?

Children learn at their own speed, and each child is different. To help determine if your child is meeting communication and language milestones, we have resources available for you.

Signs that your child might need a speech therapist can be subtle. To learn about some of the red flags, take our online quiz to see where your child is as it pertains to speech and language milestones. Take the quiz here.

How do I get my child to say more words?

Simple changes in your daily routine can lay the foundation for encouraging and building communication. At Speech Sisters, we will help you to seamlessly tie these techniques into your everyday activities, making life as a mom easy while your child builds language and uses more words! We can help your child climb the language ladder.

What causes speech/language delays?

There is no easy answer. But I can tell you what doesn’t cause speech/language delays–you! As a parent, you should not feel guilty if your child is struggling to develop a certain skill. Sometimes speech/language delays can be the result of an underlying medical issue (i.e. hearing loss) or an undiagnosed condition, such as autism. But oftentimes it’s just the way the child is wired. Their brain needs help learning how to effectively communicate.

Please note: If we say a child needs help with their communication skills, we are NOT implying that they aren’t smart! This is a common misconception. Many very bright children need help with speech/language. In fact, many students classified as “gifted” also attend speech therapy.

What is a speech therapist?

A Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) or Speech Therapist is an expert in language and communication. SLPs work with people of all ages, from babies to adults. We provide assessment and treatment in the following five areas: Articulation, Language/Literacy, Social Communication, Voice, Fluency and Feeding/Swallowing.

Where can I find free speech resources?

We offer a variety of free resources to help parents build confidence in developing speech and language for their little one. You can find our blogs here.

We can help your child climb the language ladder.