Talk on Track

The Baby Course

An online course for parents of babies, newborn to 14 months

Get the tools and tips you need to:

Help your baby meet communication milestones

Better understand your baby’s wants and needs

Take an active role in your baby’s development

Know what you’re doing is working

Most parents want to learn how to help their little one build their language skills, but don’t know how. We created Talk On Track to give you the tips and tools you need to help your baby meet communication milestones and stay on track.

This course will make you feel confident about the role you play in your baby's development by learning our evidence-based "I TALK" technique. This is the technique we used with Bridget's baby Stella to get her saying over 200 words at 15 months!

You can get your child talking on track

Lay a strong language foundation

Learn language milestones from birth-14 months

Get your child talking sooner


Learn to use your everyday routines to build your baby’s language skills.

Learn the difference between receptive and expressive language and how to improve these very important areas of development.

Module 1

In this module, we get clear around milestones so you can be sure your child is on track moving forward.

Module 2

Learn a prerequisite for imitating sounds and words and to support your baby's early conversation skills.

Module 3

Use one of the most important tips to help your little one learn language!

Module 4

Find out how your actions can benefit your baby and how to use specific actions for everyday communication.

Module 5

Babies learn words through their experiences, so find out how to give them the language they need to learn about the world around them!

Module 6

Want to know which words you should be focusing on when talking to your little one? Find out in this module!

Module 7

Learn a super helpful strategy to build your child’s expressive language skills once they are starting to say their first words!

Module 8

Want to know the best and most effective way to read with your baby? In this module we'll uncover 4 secrets!

Module 9

Talk on Track

Baby Course is...

Developed by certified SLPs who are also parents

Packed with evidence-based, practical strategies

Easy to incorporate into your everyday routines

Quick to learn; most lesson are less than 10 minutes long

Backed by our 30-day, money-back guarantee

Available on-demand from any device, anywhere in the world

You can be the confident parent of a talkative child.

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