Time to Talk

The Toddler Course

An online course for parents of toddlers 15 months to 36 months

Learn our simple, speech secrets so you can get your toddler talking

It's time to talk

This course is perfect for you if

Your child has a word or two, and you want to know how to teach them more.

You child is already talking, and you want to keep the momentum going.

You're starting to worry your child might be falling behind with their communication milestones.


Get your child talking by climbing up The Language Ladder.

Discover and correct the #1 mistake parents make that actually discourages their toddler from talking.

Module 1

Learn the surprising secret to helping your toddler move from gestures and sounds to actual words.

Module 2

Get the inside scoop on a strategy professional speech therapists use to accelerate language development.

Module 3

Help your toddler learn, remember, and use more and more words.

Module 4

Find out how to grow your toddler's language skills, not just their vocabulary.

Module 5

Discover how to eliminate speech-related frustration and grow your toddler's communication confidence.

Module 6

Uncover a common mistake that makes some kids clam up—and what to do instead.

Module 7

Learn how to expand your child’s language abilities from sounds to words to sentences.

Module 8

Identify what motivates babies the most when it comes to vocabulary and language development.

Module 9

Time to Talk

Toddler Course is...

Developed by certified SLPs who are also parents

Evidence-based strategies

Easy to incorporate into your everyday routines

Packed with practical, helpful tools and tips

Quick to learn; most lesson are less than 10 minutes long

Backed by our 30-day, money-back guarantee

Available on-demand from any device, anywhere in the world

Have a late talker?

If you have a child who “should be talking by now” but isn’t, you might be feeling anxious and overwhelmed. And if you’re like most parents we talk to, you’re probably feeling guilty, too—wondering if it’s your fault your child is struggling. It’s not your fault, and your little one’s language challenge says nothing about you as a parent. You’re doing great. Keep going!

You are the best person to encourage your child’s language development.
Time to Talk: Toddler Course will show you how. (It’s easier than you think!)

You can be the confident parent of a talkative child.

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Date of Review

When my son was about 18 months old, I realized he wasn’t saying as many words as his older sisters did at his age. My sister in law told me about Speech Sisters while I waited for my son’s evaluation. Thanks to them I got a head start on teaching him words and actions. Turns out he needed tubes put in his ears and was a little speech delayed because of not hearing well for so long. Because of speech sisters I was able to get ahead and got him graduated from speech therapy within 6 months. I was also praised for how much I had learned from the course I took! Thank you Speech sisters!


March 23, 2023

Amaaazzzing you’ve helped me sooooooo much 😩😭😭😭😭😭😭


March 31, 2023

Hi my name is Maria and I started using speech sisters when my bub was around 6 months old. I first purchased the Talk on track and at 10 months my had 4 words by 14 months he had over 30 words and we decided to get the Time to talk course, he’s 18 months currently with over 100 words and already combining words. These courses are so amazing I’ve been telling other mommy friends to follow speech sisters. Can’t thank the speech sisters enough for their hard work.


December 13, 2022

I started implementing Speech Sisters strategies when my son was 6 months old. We started with the hat game and the forehead to forehead boops. I have been following and implementing ever since (my son is now 19 months) and have been able to open up so much more room for communication between my son and I. I recommend Speech Sisters to all of my mom friends and all mommies to be!


December 20, 2022

I am a speech therapist and wanted my nanny to continue supporting my twin boys with a great language environment when I went back to work. I was THRILLED with her skills after this course and my little dudes have great language skills 😊


March 3, 2023

Started to follow on Instagram A year ago. Was so helpful to know about the language development and theories about it. And I was happy to know how to encourage them to speak in English. (I am a korean and I am trying to raise my kid as a bilingual)


April 3, 2023

I started following on Instagram about a year ago. The videos were informative and taught me how to help with my daughter’s speech. Also, the blogs on their website offer support in more detail. Very thankful for their help! 


March 14, 2023

At 2 years old my daughter wasn't speaking much. I knew she would eventually start talking more, but The Speech Sister's program was a game changer! By following their program, I learned how to effectively communicate to my daughter in a way that she could understand.  Now with 2 more children, this has been a blessing! My husband and I have been able to incorporate what we learned for our younger children and they have been able to talk much sooner.  Our youngest son begin saying words at 10 months old!! Seriously couldn't believe it! If I could give The Speech Sister's program 10 stars I would!


December 30, 2022

My name is Carolina and I started implementing Speech Sisters strategies when she was born. Our daughter is 18 months and their strategies have helped her be ahead of her age since she was 9 months old. We have no problem understanding what she needs thanks to them. I recommend their courses to my family and friends.


December 30, 2022

Thoughtful, thorough content, a definite go-to. Interesting to learn about the crucial relationship between first drink cup choice and prevention of speech impediment/lisp at the 9-mo stage.


February 18, 2023

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