Speech Sisters Freebies

Free List: 45 Functional Key Words

Find out out recommended functional words to teach your child FIRST before moving on to others!

For babies 2+ months and up

Based on building vocabulary that communications wants and needs

Recommended by Speech Pathologists

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Quiz: Speech Sound Screener

Get instant personalized results and a blueprint on how to get your child speaking more clearly and consistently.

For ages 18 months and older

Based on developmental norms

Developed by Speech Pathologists

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Free Webinar: Does My Child Need Speech Therapy?

If you’re wondering if your child’s speech development is on track, you are not alone! We get asked this question all the time. Join us in our free webinar to find out.

Led by Speech-Language Therapists

We can relate as moms of babies & toddlers

Leave with research & evidence based strategies

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Quiz: Is my child meeting speech & language milestones?

Take our popular 2-minute quiz and we'll give you a personalized plan to help your child's speech development.

Review speech and language milestones

Get personalized results for your child

Learn what to do next!

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Free PDF: Language Milestones Checklist

Download our language milestones checklist for free to learn how your baby is tracking with CDC language milestones.

Understand receptive & expressive language

Know which milestones your baby should hit and when

Get peace of mind that your baby is talking on track

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Free PDF: 5 Things to Stop Doing to Get Your Child to START Talking

When your kiddo isn’t talking, the natural reflex of any parent is to do MORE. Talk more, ask more, try more. Believe it or not, you may actually need to do less!

Learn 5 speech secrets to get your child communicating

Understand what to stop doing and what to do instead

Know what to do next!

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